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Grumpy Old Jed KeenanJed Keenan   

Jed is part of a resonably sized Marketing Department at Havering FE&HE College. He runs the Joomla based corporate website and the SharePoint (Yuck) based Intranet. He is friendly even despite the portrait photo and does lots of cool stuff facilitating students on work experience palcements as well as most of the sectorwide reseach and marketing of this website.

Jed has worked in television production, post production and transmission for 20 years before undertaking an undergraduate course in community development and public policy at Birkbeck College and then switching careers. At Birkbeck he was elected Birkbeck Students' Union Sabbatical Education Officer and wanting to try out the theories of Paulo Freire, Saul Alinsky and Paul Hirst, taught website hosting, building, content production, audience building and performance monitoring for free to thousands of social, commercial, cultural and political entrepreneurs from around the world of all ages, traditional and abilities.

After finishing digitising the Formula 1 analogue video archive Jed applied to be Website Officer at Havering College and has built the site and taken it to the first position among all FE/6F/AE College websites in UK. He now runs this project, half a dozen corporate online development projects, a work experience project, and has plans for a full scale traineeship programme.

Jed's favorite book is still Adult Education and the Postmodern Challenge - Learning Beyond the Limits by Robin Usher, Ian Bryant & Rennie Johnson, with the extraordinary Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane and the stunning A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain.